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Thank you for thinking of Mattison Land and Lawn. Mattison L&L was started with one single goal in mind; to offer customers detailed services at affordable prices. At Mattison L&L we offer comprehensive maintenance plans that ensure your property will look its best all year. We specifically design lawn care and tree/shrub programs for you so you can be confident that your lawn and ornamentals will thrive. Our full maintenance packages will allow you to enjoy your home while we keep it beautiful. Mattison L&L understands the importance of education and customer service, which is why communication with our customers has always been a key component to our success.

15 Years of Experience

Lawn care can be somewhat intimidating.  Whether you are looking to utilize greener alternatives, update and create curb appeal or simply provide a feeling of home, Mattison L&L will explain all options and with your input will devise a program.  We even have extensive knowledge and expertise in rose and boxwood care.  Mattison L&L has you covered from full landscape installation to identifying and treating those little black spots on your foliage.

Preparation for Spring

Preventative maintenance is the key to anything in life; health, car, home....your landscape is no exception.  To get the most out of your landscape, apply preventative measures as opposed to curative. Simply stated, applying applications to promote growth and health and prevent insects, diseases and weeds at regularly scheduled intervals are crucial to a healthy landscape. Regulatory care will result in lower cost and a happy, healthier outdoor environment. For questions or to schedule your free consultation and evaluation please view our CONTACT page.


For questions or a free consultation and evaluation please contact us.  For more information on lawn care tips and ideas, please visit our blog at

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